PYANOOK: Grand expedition.
Ralf Schmid performs live on two acoustic pianos with motion-controlled electronics.

PYANOOK: Undiscovered pianistic terrain.
Revolutionary data gloves detect hand and finger movements and enable PYANOOK to control sound processing in the flow of piano playing.

PYANOOK: Futuristic piano recital 4D.
Video-projections on aerial sculptures: PYANOOK´s compositions/improvisations interact with the visual art of Pietro Cardarelli.

„... the blend of sound and movement seems like magic.“

Ralf Schmid piano & electronics
Pietro Cardarelli visual art
Michele Locatelli production

PYANOOK performing at ZKM KUBUS (trailer)


PYANOOK photoshoot with the great Steffen Thalemann www.thalemann.com

Watch the interview about the genesis of the PYANOOK project and the recording at ZKM KUBUS studio.

First show confirmed! Ralf Schmid´s PYANOOK will be premiered on 20 sept 2017, E-Werk Freiburg


  • 20 sep 2017
    Freiburg, Jazzfestival / E-Werk
  • 12 jan 2018
    Karlsruhe, ZKM